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Our passion is to get you to love, handle and wear your beautiful natural hair, regardless of type, with ease, beauty and grace.

Get Lasting Moisture & Softness!

My name is Mumbi Dunjwa and I developed the Naturaz Hair Care line to help women like myself with dry, very curly, coily hair. My hair, which I've always worn natural, was always a challenge to manage and it tangled a lot. I was determined to find a solution.  

Using my chemistry and technical background, I was able to work with a team to formulate and market the Naturaz Hair Care product line whose premise is to deliver lasting moisture to you hair.  Well moisturized hair is soft, manageable and easy to style. 

We happily left out drying sulfates, alcohols and parabens.  We also excluded mineral oil and petrolatum which create product volume but are not beneficial to your hair.   


Is Your Hair Dry & Hard to Manage?

So what you get is a concentrated bottle or jar of product with ingredients ranging from coconut, palm and jojoba oils, to aloe vera and lavender, all of which deliver a blast of moisture and nourishment to your hair!

Naturaz Products are known and loved for “lasting Moisture” and we are always excited when our clients share their positive experiences.  My hair is very soft and manageable as a result and I believe yours can be as well.    

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"I have always had a hard time finding a product that will keep my hair moisturized for more than just a couple of days and finally my searching is over ……"  Stephanie

Made with good for you natural ingredients!

I personally take great care to make sure that what goes into the product is good for you.  That's because I and my entire family uses it.  I want Naturaz products to be safe and beneficial for my child, your children for your families.  This is my commitment to you. 

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